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As BASC approved trainers, we can offer fully certified courses from Firearms Awareness Training courses (FAT), pre DSC 1 and on to DSC level 1. As approved witnesses (AW's) we can also help you train and broaden your knowledge and skills, to enable you to undertake the witnessed stalks necessary to complete the DSC Level 2 portfolio successfully with our Carcass Handling and Gralloching Course (CHAG.)

In short, we can take you from never having fired a rifle, all the way through to gaining your DSC Level 2 with everything in between all backed up by experienced and approved trainers.

Alternatively, contact us for details of our new Stalkers Training Program.


"Dear Paul,


Just a quick note to say thanks very much for a really interesting few days in the DSC1 course. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but enjoyed it immensely. I am sure you don’t need the ego boosting but I particularly enjoyed your style of delivery.

As someone who has come from years of shooting background but all self - taught and in a very different environment the thought of formal tuition and assessment in shooting was pretty daunting but you made it as painless as possible. I am delighted to say that I learned a huge amount – hopefully my assessment will reflect that!

On a personal note I also wanted to thank you for answering all my questions about how best to get into some stalking here and begin to establish a network. I was very grateful for the tips and guidance you were able to give and as soon as my FAC comes through in the next couple of weeks I will set about doing just that.

Best of luck in Africa next week and I will be in touch once I have picked up my rifle and you are back to arrange a date at Corinium for some zeroing and practice.

Thanks once again,



I would like to echo my sentiments from yesterday on the range. I have attended many military courses in my 30 years associated with the Armed Forces. Your training style, depth of knowledge and empathy with your subject was outstanding. To a man every one of the boys on the course I spoke to had the same opinion. 
You deserve to be successful. Thank you for a most enjoyable 3 days.


Phil Y" 

Click on any of the courses below for further information


This course is aimed at the novice with an interest in starting rifle shooting. There are individuals who can supply a basic introduction to sporting firearms but only BASC have a structured course to give individuals a proper insight into the sport with both classroom based tutorials as well as practical and hands on modules.

The course includes:

  • Safety
  • Basic Principles of Rifle Shooting
  • Basic Positions
  • Firearms Law
  • Rifle Types and Calibres
  • Shooting Instruction on the range
  • Zeroing and Rifle Maintenance

This is a BASC approved course and can only be run by approved trainers.

Contact us for further details.


We hope that any potential deer stalker will be serious enough to go on to take a recognised qualification such as the DSC level 1 but realise that every body must start somewhere.

We offer a BASC approved pre Level 1 course which deals with basic rifle knowledge and handling, legal requirements, deer in general and leads upto the level 1 course, it includes familiarisation with firearms including an insight into and practise for the level 1 shooting test. It covers most aspects of the level 1 course being based around the recognised training manual. 

Level 1 walkthroughs are also available with particular emphasis on the shooting test with the actual silhouette target used in the test, this can be invaluable to gain confidence in the different shooting positions required to attain a pass.


The backbone of deerstalking qualifications. Following on from the pre level 1, we offer the Level 1 course through BASC. It comprises a three day course run in a friendly and relaxed rural environment. Paul is noted for his no nonsense approach and renowned for providing some light hearted banter (as well as some impressive cakes made by Sally, Pauls other half!) all combining to make the learning experience more enjoyable. The shooting test takes place on the range in small groups enabling candidates to relax and shoot more accurately. An estate rifle and ammunition can be provided for those that require it.

Please contact us for any further details.

Next Course Dates:

March 17th - 19th 2018 - Ring for cancellations.

June 9th - 11th 2018 - Places available.

August 18th - 20th 2018 - Places available.

December 15th - 17th 2018 - Places available.

Cost - £300.00

To include training manual, revision notes and DVD covering Deer ecology and recognition. 


Perceived as the pinnacle of deerstalking qualifications. A level 2 pass requires 3 complete stalks demonstrating stalking ability as well as carcass handling, inspection and preparation, each witnessed by an approved witness. These stalks are then written up in a portfolio accompanied by such evidence that has been gathered prior to the submission of the portfolio to the assessment centre. Such evidence may include cull records as well as evidence from stalks such as the ones we offer in the pre level 2 course.

Having built up the necessary experience and confidence we can then arrange the necessary witnessed stalks and can either travel to a candidates own ground or can help with ground over which to stalk a relevant animal.

Please contact us for details.


This is a relatively new but much sought after course. So many people having gained their Level 1 course ask us about a carcass handling demonstration, from the gralloch all the way through to producing a carcass fit to enter the food chain.

Many of us take this for granted with novices often having to learn the hard way.

With this in mind, we now provide a course that will give individuals a deeper insight into carcass handling, extraction and gralloching and inspection. This will give a valuable insight into techniques required to go on and complete DSC Level 2 as well as providing carcasses suitable to enter the food chain.

Dates and venues will be published when they are finalised.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any particular requirements or register your interest.

Cost - £250 - £295 (Subject to venue.)

6th August 2017 - 1 place available - Oxfordshire.

September 15th 2017 - 8 places - Buckinghamshire.

October & November 2017 - Dates to be confirmed - Buckinghamshire