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Due to a recent policy update by Paypal, we are no longer able to accept payments via their facility. Paypal refuse to support businesses supporting hunting and the ethical sourcing of meat and for this reason we have withdrawn all support of their business. We now accept card payments via Worldpay over the phone or face to face.

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Wipe-out Tactical Advantage


A New Improved version of Patch-out Liquid.

A relatively new product, an improved and updated version of the legendary Wipe-out liquid. The new TA has improved carbon and copper removing properties along with improved corrosion prevention. This is now the only copper and carbon remover that Paul recommends along with accelerator to speed up the cleaning process and features in the Corinium range blog on rifle cleaning. A truly fantastic product.


For all orders please call on 07970 752275 or email us at info@coriniumrange.com


Wipe-out Accelerator


New Accelerator for Tactical Advantage & Patch-out

This product is to be used with the improved version of the "original" Wipe-Out Brushless Bore Cleaner or Tactical Advantage. ACCELERATOR is NOT meant to be used by itself or with ANY other cleaning product. The new sister product is an answer to a problem where the shooter has a limited time in which to clean his firearm. We have seen that there are a number of special situations where speed and extra cleaning is needed. ACCELERATOR is designed to speed up the effect of WIPE-OUT within a given time period. It will double the amount of Carbon and Copper dissolved within that period.

For all orders, please call on 07970 752275 or email us at info@coriniumrange.com.


The Corinium Cradle


The ultimate shooting sticks. Designed by professionals to satisfy the needs of the discerning stalker. Each set is hand crafted from seasoned hardwoods, with hand made high quality fittings throughout.

See the Corinium Cradle page for full details and video instruction.

Please contact us on 07970 752275 or email us at info@coriniumrange.com, for full instructions on ordering, payment and time scales on delivery.