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Posted by Jonathan Baltesz on
Just to say a huge thank you to Paul for helping me pass my level 1 DSC at the weekend. The course was well run and the information (a lot of it) was given in a clear concise manner, group discussions were encouraged and as Paul said right at the start "there is no such thing as a stupid question". The facilities were excellent for what we needed and Sally provided us a with a delicious fresh baked cake every day. If you are thinking of doing it book it!
Posted by Sandie Croft on
Wonderful Venison a very rich taste. Only need cooking for a few minutes. Put mine with a Red Current sauce. Ordered on the Internet. Very prompt delivery. will definitely order again.
Posted by Kim H on
I obtained my DSC1 through Corinium, I'm not one generally to comment but credit must be given when it is deserved, Tim has served the credit well and I second what has been written

P.S. the cakes were bloody fantastic
Posted by James Vaughan on
Having had little experience with centrefire rifles, I was very keen to learn how to safely and proficiently shoot. I also had a keen interest in deer, so was eager to gain knowledge on deer stalking.

Unfortunately, this was proving to be a challenging task. From my experience there were many companies offering rifle range membership, although the reality was you were affectively handed a rifle and left to get on with it. Similarly, many companies offered deer stalking, but again left solitary in a high seat, learning very little.

I was seriously considering giving up on rifle shooting, having the view it was only for a privileged few. Fortunately, approximately three years ago, a gentleman recommended Paul and the Corinium Rifle Range to me.

On meeting Paul for the first time I explained what I wished to achieve. From that moment, I gained vast amounts of knowledge, I can now shoot competently from all shooting positions and I have completed my Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1. In addition, I have been privileged enough to shoot Fallow, Roe and Muntjac deer, witnessed two fallow bucks fight forty yards in front of me and seen some breathtaking scenery on different estates.

I can honestly say I would have not accomplished this without Paul.
Posted by Tim M on
Having completed my Level 1 two weekends back, I can thoroughly recommend the course with Corinium. Paul was immensely helpful from start to finish, talking me through via phone last year and most patient when I deferred to the February course. The manual was sent several months before the course, giving plenty of time to read, digest and complete a first run through of the questions. Not having seen or practiced the DSC1 deer target, Paul gave opportunity for me to attend the range for a walk through several weeks before the course. The direction and joining instructions were clear and simple and the course location at the Rural Innovation centre both a comfortable and highly positive learning environment, with the homemade cakes a most delicious and welcome added benefit. The course delivery by Paul was outstanding, relating to the class as only “one of us” can, balancing clear and straight forward best practice instruction with real world experience and a small measure of off-topic discussion for added interest. The purpose built range facilities for the shooting test and safety walk around test are also excellent, with the over-head cover on the firing point most appreciated during inclement weather. All in all, an immensely enjoyable and well delivered course with a consummate professional. If I don’t pass any of the DSC1 elements first time, it won’t be due to Paul's outstanding instruction or the course as a whole. Thanks Paul
Posted by Jon W on
Would recommend this course for the content, pace of delivery and good level of support. Particularly valuable for someone like me, fresh into stalking and came at it from a standing start so to speak.

Really easy to follow and the facilities at the RAU are great, topped off by spectacular cakes.

The crowning glory and proof of the pudding has just been left on my voicemail. A pass as confirmed by BASC...Feeling well chuffed and wanted to thank Paul for the guidance and support through the process.

If you're around this area I strongly recommend it...
Posted by Dale C on
I would like to say a big and public thank you to Paul for how he has advised, encouraged and helped me to develop over the last couple of months. I joined the Corinium range earlier this year as a very rusty shooter with a lack of confidence and who's performance was less than consistent (my sporadic placement of rounds at 100m could not be referred to as a grouping at the time, at least in my mind). Paul very quickly assessed my needs and determined a course of action to develop me into a more accurate, competent and confident shooter. Paul approached all of the sessions in a very professional and friendly manner (I enjoyed each one so much I didn't realise I was learning). Paul used his knowledge and experience to not only transform me but also to make my equipment more accurate and reliable. As I found confidence in my kit was just as important as confidence in myself. The outcome is that in a relatively short space of time, the complete package of services offered by Paul at the Corinium range means I have completed my DSC level 1 and gone from shooting unmeasurable groupings from seated to being able to achieve a 2cm grouping at 100m whilst shooting off sticks. That for me is an amazing achievement. Thanks Paul.
Posted by RG on
Posted by RG 1st July?
I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Paul for arranging mine and Carol’s 2014 Safari.

To give some background, we had first met Paul at a Corinium range open day a couple of years ago. It was obvious that Paul is enthusiastic and knowledgeable when it comes to rifle shooting and deer management. Importantly, Paul showed genuine interest and courtesies in explaining rifle shooting and deer management to my wife, something that is lacking in a good many establishments when it comes to prospective female cliental. This is what persuaded me to ask Paul to provide some teaching and training sessions for my wife prior to getting her first rifle. That all important sharing of knowledge, being talked through mistakes, learning correctly in the first place by steering you away from bad habits and promoting confidence in your ability, these are key Corinium attributes. I to have benefited from Paul’s tuition, (my bad habit of over oiling the rifle!) and I’m still learning!

To fast forward to this year, while speaking to Paul we were lucky enough to take up two places on a South Africa hunting trip in May. Prior to our trip for Africa Paul arranged for a practice session at Corinium using sticks, which we found to be very helpful and absolutely essential. On our first day in Africa after a brief check of zero on our rifles, we went on our first soiree and my wife Carol took her first shot and successfully cleanly felled a Kudu cow, take it from me correct training and tuition pays off! We are looking forward to doing our DSC1 at the end of the year. For anyone reading this and thinking about getting some training, phone Paul you won’t regret it. If you are looking to go to Africa, again phone Paul. We had a great time thank you Paul.
Posted by Craig on
A superb range service, with a extremely knowledgable coach. No matter how much you think you know, this setup proves there is always so so much to learn.

Thank you very much for a good range session

Posted by Graham Brown on
Hi Paul & Sally

“I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for being instrumental in me passing my DSC Level 1. Your coaching prior to the course as regards safety, shooting techniques were invaluable but the three days at the Rural Innovation Centre, whilst hard work, were informative, interesting and delivered extremely well and certainly tipped my personal balance between a potential fail and a pass.

Sally’s hospitality and organisational skills at the centre were top notch – her legendary cakes more than lived up to expectation. She also “patched” and replaced targets during the shooting test which no doubt speeded things up.

I cannot recommend Paul highly enough for his teaching style and the balance that he strikes between the seriousness of the course and the friendly manner that he delivers it (occasionally with a little cutting sarcasm).

If you are considering doing your DSC 1 – BOOK Paul”.

Graham Brown
Posted by Jim T on
A really good time. Classroom facilities were good and tidy with an easy and relaxed learning environment. Paul gives a precise and clear series of sessions with slides and 'question and answer' sessions. The days fly by and I think everyone on the weekend I was on, came out of it having learned more than we thought we might, whilst also knowing we should have done a little more prep before hand if taking the basics of deer stalking seriously.

Tea, Coffee and cakes - As much as you can eat - 'Handle with Care - phew!'

The final day of exams and tests are a little nerve rattling in the classroom at first in the morning, but once at the range it makes sense and the environment relaxes again for the shooting and safety tests.

Thanks Paul and Sally, the DSC L1 qualification is great to have, but the knowledge imparted and the appreciation of deer and stalking on the weekend is invaluable.

Hope to see you again soon.

Jim T
Posted by Mr Kevin Hancock on
Hi there guys..

Thank you again for a fab morning on the range. it has now given me that edge of skill and confidence to now go to do the real thing!! a driven boar hunt in Switzerland.

Will keep you posted and let you know how the hunt went.

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